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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I need to set an appointment with Cash Clinical?
A: No, an appointment is not necessary. At most, there will be a short wait.

Q: Where are your specimen collection facilities (draw stations) located?

A: We have one draw station in Carson City and one draw station in Reno. The
addresses, hours of operation, and directions for how to get to our draw stations are available on this website.

Q: What kinds of lab tests does Cash Clinical perform?
A: Cash Clinical is a full service laboratory. Almost any test is available to you. A list of our most common tests is on our website. If you need information on lab tests not listed, please call our main location in Carson City at (775) 883-4000 or Reno at (775) 852-3422.

Q: Can I order my own lab tests?
A: Yes. While the test results are best interpreted by a physician, either you or your
physician can order any lab test we perform.

Q: Do you perform drug testing?
A: Yes, we do urine drug testing.

Q: Do I need to be fasting before my blood is drawn?
A: Fasting is required before some tests, like fasting glucose and lipid panels. Some tests do not require fasting. Please call our lab in Carson City at (775) 883-4000 or Reno at (775) 852-3422 for complete instructions for the lab tests you require before visiting Cash Clinical.

Q: How long does it take to complete my blood tests?
A: That depends upon the test. Most test results are available in 1-3 days. Some
tests may take longer.

Q: Where are lab tests done?
A: The majority of the testing is done in our lab in Carson City. Less commonly
ordered tests are sent to reference laboratories. Unlike the big labs that send
almost all of their work out of the local area, we do the work locally. We hire
Nevada people to keep the jobs in Nevada.

Q: How can you keep your costs so low?
A: Cash Clinical does not deal with private insurance companies or government
insurance plans (i.e., Medicare or Medicaid). Insurance companies make a big
profit by paying doctors and labs much less (as much as 70% less) than the usual
price charged to patients without insurance. By eliminating the “middle man”
(insurance), and the costs of billing and rebilling insurance companies, we can
pass the savings on to you, the customer.

Q: Do you send bills to patients?
A: No. In order to keep costs down, we accept payment at the time of service by either cash, check, debit or credit cards. We do not do any billing.

Q: Can I bill my insurance company myself for lab tests done at Cash Clinical?
A: It is our policy to give you a receipt with the information you will need to send a bill to your insurance company. However, your insurance company may, or may not, reimburse you for all or part of the costs of your lab work, depending on your
insurance policy and the tests performed.

Q: Will someone at Cash Clinical help me understand my lab test results?
A: No. Your lab results are best interpreted by your personal physician who is
familiar with your health issues, the medications you take and other information
that is necessary to evaluate your test results. Click here for an independent, non-
biased website that may help you understand your lab test results
. This is not a substitute for discussing the test results with your physician.

If you have any further questions regarding lab testing or Cash Clinical,

call our lab in Carson City at (775) 883-4000 or Reno at (775) 852-3422. Someone will be happy to help you.

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